Sales Terms

Sales Terms & Conditions

Article 1. Fields of Application and Modification of the Terms of Sales

These Terms and Conditions (the « Terms ») are concluded between Bujinkan Ile de France (non profit association under the 1901 French law) and any non-commercial, physical or legal person does not have the same field of activity Bujinkan Ile de France ( « the Customer ») who wishes to purchase on the website ( « the website »).

All orders placed through the website are subject to these conditions without any restrictions.
The latter represent the full reciprocal commitments between Bujinkan Ile de France and the Internet user who becomes a customer of the non-profit association.

Bujinkan Ile de France reserves its rights to adapt or modify at any time the present Terms which will then apply as soon as they are published on line.
In case of modifications, the applicable terms will be the ones operative at the date and time of the order.

Article 2. Access to Website and Customer Service

The customer is personally responsible for setting up the IT and telecommunications facilities allowing access to the internet website and customer service. The customer shall bear the costs of telecommunication when accessing the internet and using the website.

Article 3. Customer service

For information or questions, our customer service is available
Address: 118 avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris France

Article 4. Products

The products subject to these Terms are those listed on the Website at the time of purchase : le participation to the “Taikai Noguchi 2020 Paris” International Ninjutsu Seminar under the guidance of Noguchi Sensei.
The essential characteristics of the seminar are described and presented with the greatest possible accuracy.

Article 5. Prices

The prices of the Products are indicated in Euros all taxes included. They take account of the French VAT and any reductions applicable on the day the order is placed by the customer.

Bujinkan Ile de France reserves its right to modify prices at any time. However, the products will be invoiced on the basis of the rates effective at the time of the registration of the orders.
There is a promotional price “Early Bird” of 185€ until 2019 November 1st. The normal price is 225€

Article 6. Orders

The order is organized in several steps which can be summarized as follows:

  • The customer clics on the “Pay” Button;
  • The customer fills in a form with informations about him : Name, First Name, email, Birthdate, Nationality, ID Card or Passport Number, FFST Licence Number –if this is a n/A item, the acceptance of the Temporary licence issued-, the amount, size and kind of desired T-shirts;
  • The customer does pay online (via PayPal);
  • The customer receives an order confirmation email, and the confirmation of his payment.

Article 7. Recording & Validation of the Order

You have the option to place your order online and to validate it by paying, this last step formalizing the sales contract with Bujinkan Ile de France.

All orders shall constitute acceptance of the prices and descriptions of the products available for sale.
Bujinkan Ile de France will acknowledge receipt of your order as soon as it is validated by sending you an email in which you will find in particular a link to these Terms and Conditions.

This email constitutes a contract concluded in the electronic form between the Client, identified by his email, the QR-Code and his IP number, and Bujinkan Ile de France. This contract meets the requirements of article 1366 of the French Civil Code upon the numeric signature.

The buyer declares to have taken note and accepted the present General Conditions of Sale before the placing of his order. The validation of his order therefore constitutes acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale. From the moment the buyer has registered his order by clicking on the « Pay with PayPal », it is deemed to have accepted knowingly and unreservedly these Terms and Conditions, prices, volumes and quantities of products offered for sale and ordered. In the absence of proof to the contrary, the data recorded by Bujinkan Ile de France constitute proof of all the transactions carried out by Bujinkan Ile de France and its customers.

In some cases, such as failure to pay, an incorrect address or any other issue related to your account, Bujinkan Ile de France reserves its rights to block your order until the problem is solved.
Should the payment being signaled by PayPal as invald, the sale will be considered as not haven took place. If a ticket has been emitted, it will be considered as invalid, with an information to the client who tried to buy that the ticket is to be considered as not existing.

In case of unavailability of an ordered Product, you will be informed by email. The cancellation of the order of this Product and its possible fund back will then be carried out.

For questions concerning the status of an order, you can send an email to Customer Service to

The Customer is advised to keep the transaction information on a paper or computer document.

Article 8. Payment terms

You can set your order via PayPal:
PayPal payment will automatically redirect you to your PayPal account. Once the PayPal payment has been validated, you can complete and validate your order. The order will be processed only after the information by PayPal of payment validation on our account and after validation by our services.

The customer guarantees to Bujinkan Ile de France that he has the necessary authorizations to use the method of payment when validating the order.

Bujinkan Ile de France reserves its right to suspend or cancel any order and / or delivery, whatever their nature and level of execution, in the event of payment failure of any sum due by the customer, or any Payment incident.
Penalties equal to the statutory interest rate plus five points shall automatically apply to amounts owing at the end of a period of ten days following the date of invoice or upon notification of the rejection of bank payment for any other means of payment. The delivery of any new order may be suspended in case of delay of payment of a previous order and this notwithstanding the provisions of the present ones.

After confirmation of payment by our services, the customer receives an email validating the order by our services. The customer will find in his / her account, under the heading Order history / Details of the order concerned, the link to the invoice as pdf format file, which contains all the essential elements of the contract concluded between Bujinkan Ile de France and the Customer, and satisfies, with these Terms, the requirements of article L.221-9 of the French Consumer Code.

Article 9. Anti-Fraud Control

These controls are intended to protect Bujinkan Ile de France from abusive practices by fraudsters.
For an order that presents a shipping address different from the billing address, our services may be required to contact the two persons mentioned; Namely the person attached to the billing address and the person indicated for the shipping address.
As part of these procedures, our services may ask you for all the necessary documents to unlock your order: proof of domicile and debit in your name but also proof of domicile in the name of the person indicated for the shipping address etc …
These requests are made by e-mail, then by mail with acknowledgment of receipt (AR).
During the registration process at the beginning of the seminar, you will be asked to show your id card used for the buying (Passport or National ID Card), with the sole purpose to make sure the holder of the ticket is the one with the name on it.

Article 10. Terms of delivery and delivery time

The ticket is considered as delivered when the mail is delivered to the mailbox of the email address used for the buy. The Seminar is considered as delivered when it begins.

10.1 – Shipping times

The ticket is sent by mail with a download link for the Client to get it directly from the website, as soon as the PayPal payment confirmation was done on the server.

10.2 – Delivery times

The client is informed that the seminar will only be on the set dates : February 8th & 9th 2020. No delivery will be possible before this date.

10.3 – T-Sizes Availability

The Client is informed that if he is to register after the 1st of January 2020, he can’t be sure to have the size he ordered, the fabrication time will be too short. The Bujinkan Ile de France nor those of its delegates organizers shall be triggered on this topic.

Article 11. Accountabilities

  • Bujinkan Ile de France cannot be held responsible for the breach of the concluded contract, due to the occurrence of a force majeure event and in particular, in the event of a total or partial strike of postal services, transporters, and disasters caused by floods or fires. For products purchased to meet professional needs, Bujinkan Ile de France will not be liable for any consequential damages, loss of use, loss of profit, damages or expenses that may arise resulting from these Terms.
  • The choice and purchase of a product or service is the sole responsibility of the customer. The total or partial personal inability to participate to the Seminar (included illness and accidents), cannot give rise to any compensation, refunding or questioning of the liability of Bujinkan Ile de France , except in the case of a hidden defect of the Article 12 of these Terms, non-conformity, defect or exercise of the right of withdrawal envisaged under article 14 of the present GCS.

Article 12. Hidden Defects Warranty

Bujinkan Ile de France is organizing a seminar having for teacher M. NOGUCHI Yukio. The happening of this event is considered as the product, and so can’t have any hidden defect in itself.
Nevertheless, its liability cannot be withheld in case of breach of its contractual obligations due to a fortuitous event or a case of force majeure such as, but not limited to, natural disasters, strikes, fires, floods, failure or breakdown of equipment, means of transportation, communication or the acts of the client.

Article 13. Withdrawal Right

In application of article L.221-18 of the French Consumer Code, the customer has fourteen (14) days from receipt of the order to exercise his withdrawal right.
The withdrawal right is expressed by the client by filling in the « Contact Form » available on the Web site.
The exercise of the withdrawal right gives rise to a refund of the sums paid for the order (including delivery costs) as soon as possible and no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the products by our after-sales service. The refund will be made according to the means of payment used when buying online. The costs of returning your order for which you exercise your withdrawal right will be at your exclusive charge.

Article 14. Intellectual property

14.1 –

All texts, comments, works, illustrations and images reproduced on this Website are reserved for copyright and intellectual property rights and for the whole world. As such, and in accordance with the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code, the only use permitted is for private use, unless different or even more restrictive provisions of the Intellectual Property Code. Any total or partial reproduction of the site is strictly forbidden and will be subject to prosecution.

14.2 – Authorized use

The Website and the information published therein are reserved for accessing information through the Editor’s data processing system.
The User is authorized to make short quotations, analyzes and reproduction exclusively intended for the promotion of the site, in particular through magazines and articles of press, subject in particular to cite the Website of le Bujinkan Ile de France as an editorial source.
Individuals wishing to make such use of the Website and the information contained herein are requested to contact Bujinkan Ile de France as a courtesy.
The creation of links pointed exclusively to the home page of the Site is tolerated. In any case, the Publisher reserves its rights to put an end to this tolerance at any time under any suspicion that the link established with the Site is likely to harm the interests of the latter.

14.3 – Fraudulent Behavior

Any user who acts in a fraudulent manner to these present Legal Terms & Conditions is liable to civil or criminal prosecution, which in particular punishes the infringement of copyright and the rights of the producers of databases.
The User is reminded that the French Penal Code (article 323-1 et seq.) Sanctions penalties of up to five years imprisonment and a fine of € 75,000, in particular:

  • access and fraudulent maintenance in an automated data processing system,
  • the deletion, modification or addition of fraudulent data in this system,
  • hindering this system.

Criminal proceedings may be instituted by the Publisher against the User who does not respect these provisions.

Article 15. Partial validity

If one or more of the provisions of these Legal Terms & Conditions are held to be invalid or declared to be invalid or unenforceable under a French law, regulation or as a result of a final decision of a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining conditions will keep all their strength and reach.

Article 16. Applicable Law – Disputes

This agreement is subject to French law. The legal language of this contract is French. In case of dispute the Courts located in the city of Paris, France will be solely competent.
Under the Article L.111-1 of the French Consumer Code, the Customer is warned that, in the event of a dispute in a commercial transaction, he may use a consumer mediator.

Article 17. Nominative Informations

The information and data concerning you are necessary for the management of your order and our commercial relations. In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access and rectify personal data concerning yourself. Simply mail at Customer Service ( – Adress : 118 avenue Jean Jaurès Paris France, indicating your name, surname, telephone, e-mail address and, if possible, your ticket number.

Article 18. GDPR

The website has been conceived to meet the GDPR requirements.

Privacy by design:

The structure of the website, and the seminar organization was thought to limit and secure the clients personal informations circulation: crypted communication between servers, redundancy of data saves, crypting of the communications between servers, connection log follow up. Only the necessary data to the organization and to the smooth running of the seminar that will occur on February 8 & 9 are required.

Privacy by default:

All the technical means known to this day were put in service to insure the personal data security, and which level of security can’t be higher.

Data Conservation:

Data of ID & passport numbers will be destroyed 1 week after the event, save specific cases or upon competent authorities’ request.
Other personal data that were used to establish the daily licences or the FFST License numbers will be kept for 1 year, as asked by the FFST.
Data concerning payment are kept 5 years, by legal necessity of accounting in non profit organizations.

Article 19 – Non Profit Association Membership

One and every Client, and taking part of the Seminar, not having a valid FFST License number before, is declaring to accept becoming a member of the Bujinkan Ile de France nonprofit organization for the time of the seminar, and by so, accept its internals ruling.

Article 20 – Health, Licence & Assurances

Each and every client, participating to the seminar, declares to be in good physical and mental health, having subscribed to health insurances, and to have all authorization to do so, according to one’s country rules. Every attendant declares having no contra-indication to martial arts practice.
Bujinkan Ile de France is affiliated to the FFST. For insurances reasons, everyone and each person willing to attend this seminar is to have a FFST licence : this is the FFST Licence number which is asked for the registration process.
Every Client not having a former FFST number, accepts, by registering to the seminar, to subscribe a “daily licence” which is a FFST licence valid for the duration of the seminar.
The Client accepts the normal risks of martial arts practice. In case of accident or injury, the Bujinkan Ile de France, its delegated organizers, the teacher, and the Bujinkan International shall not be held responsible.

Article 21 – Bujinkan Ile de France & Bujinkan International Internal Rules

Each and every client declares to accept without any reserve and to apply to the internal ruling of both Bujinkan International (Directives of the Bujinkan Dōjō) and the Bujinkan Ile de France, as they are reproduced thereafter.

Internal Ruling of Bujinkan Ile de France

2013, August 8th version

Article 1

The whole Bujinkan Ile de France activities are meant solely for the members of the nonprofit organization, which are the people who have subscribed to a federal licence of the FFST, the Japan membership card and who have payed their fees.

Article 2

The entry in the nonprofit organization called Bujinkan Ile de France is opened to all, however the bureau reserves its right to reject an inscription from a person whose objectives don’t meet the ones from the nonprofit association or whose behavior would be nocive for the smooth running of its activities.
A teacher is acknowledged to refuse the class entrance to people, he has to refers asap to the President. An hearing is possible in front of the Bureau.

Article 3

The gear is composed of a purple –or red- keikogi (for women) of black Keikogi (men & women). Belt is white for beginners, red for women or green for men under black belt, black after that.
Wearing tabis (or clean socks for the purpose) is mandatory on the tatami mats.
The Bujinkan patch is to be stitched on the left at the heart level.
All other gears or emblem/symbol is to be forbidden on the mats.
For outdoor activities, the gear is free. However, military gears is authorized only according to the law: provided that the clothes are mismatched and do not constitute a uniform. This rules is also applied for accessories. Article 4

Emblem and symbols or logo of Bujinkan and Bujinkan Ile de France (of Bujinkanidf) can’t be used or reproduced without proper authorization.

Article 5

Can constitute an immediate expulsion of the nonprofit organization with a possibility to transfer the information to the Honbu Dōjō :

  • Use, sell, or keeping drugs. Is a drug all natural or non natural substance alterating human body, behavior or perceptions;
  • Voluntary involvement in a fight without any legitime defense motive, or assisting a person in danger;
  • Fraud or counterfeiting or counterfeit use of ranks or certificates;
  • Participation as a Bujinkan member or with a reference to the Bujinkan at a political, religious or commercial event/protest.
  • Non compliance to the statutes and /or the present internal ruling or of the International Bujinkan Rules.

Radiation is made by the Bureau with appeal in front of the General Assembly.

Article 6

Ranks are validated by the Bujinkan Honbu Dōjō. Japanese certificates are to be paid following the prices indicated in the Bujinkan International Rules. They are to be paid in Yens directly after rank promotion. Unless direct derogation from the Bujinkan Honbu Adminstration, a rank can’t be validated is the former one hasn’t be registered and paid.

Article 7

Any modification of this present ruling has to be approved by the General Assembly. The modification proposition has to be made with the President or the Bureau, or at least one third of te nonprofit organization members.

Article 8

Participating to the Bujinkan Ile de France activities implies the full acceptation of the present ruling and also of the Bujinkan International Rules

The President of Bujinkan Ile de France

Bujinkan Dōjō Guidelines

  1. The Bujinkan shall be open to only those who agree with and uphold the guidelines of the Bujinkan Dōjō. Those not doing so shall not be allowed to join. Specifically: Only those who have read and agreed with these guidelines shall be allowed to participate.
  2. Only those able to exercise true patience, self-control, and dedication shall be allowed to participate.
  3. A physician’s examination report shall be required. Specifically, individuals with mental illness, drug addiction, or mental instability shall be barred from joining. The necessity of such a report concerns individuals who may present a danger to others, for example, those with infectious diseases or illnesses, individuals with clinically abnormal personalities or physiology, and individuals lacking self-control.
  4. Individuals with criminal records shall be turned away. Trouble makers, those who commit crimes, and those living in Japan who break domestic laws shall be turned away.
  5. Those not upholding the guidelines of the Bujinkan, either as practitioners or as members of society, by committing disgraceful or reproachable acts shall be expelled. Until now, the Bujinkan was open to large numbers of people who came to Japan. Among them, unfortunately, were those committing violent drunken acts, the mentally ill, and trouble makers who thought only of themselves and failed to see how their actions might adversely affect others. Through their actions, such people were discarding the traditional righteous heart of the Bujinkan. From this day forward, all such people shall be expelled.
  6. Regarding accidents occurring during training (both inside and outside the Dōjō), one should not cause trouble to the Bujinkan. This is an extremely important point. Those unwilling to take personal responsibility for accidents occurring during Bujinkan training shall not be admitted. Reiterating for clarity, the Bujinkan shall not take responsibility for any accidents happening in the course of training, regardless of the location.
  7. All those joining the Bujinkan must get an annual membership card. This card not only preserves the honor of the Bujinkan members, it indicates you are part of a larger whole–one whose members come together with warrior hearts to better themselves through training and friendship. It evinces the glory of warrior virtue, and embodies both loyalty and brotherly love.
  8. The tradition of the Bujinkan recognizes nature and the universality of all human life, and is aware of that which flows naturally between the two parts:
    • « The secret principle of Taijutsu is to know the foundations of peace.
    • To study is the path to the immovable heart (fudoshin). »
  9. After the inscription, regarding Taijutsu
    • Grades Kyu: Beginner
    • 1st Dan to 5th Dan: Ten
    • 6th Dan to 10th Dan: Chi
    • 11th to 15th Dan: Jin

Ranks from 11th to 15th Dan of Man are divided between 5 levels Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Void, and are the highest levels of Bujinkan Dōjō Happo Biken.
The 5th Dan exam is of spiritual nature and is made in the presence of Soke
A 15th Dan is considered as a true Shihan
Those not upholding the above-mentioned guidelines shall be forced out of the Bujinkan.

Teaching in Dōjō

  1. – To know that patience comes first. Know that endurance is simply a puff of smoke.
  2. – To know that the path of man comes from justice. Know that the way of men is justice.
  3. – To renounce avarice, indolence, and obstinacy. Forget the heart of greed, ease and relying on others.
  4. – To recognize sadness and worry as natural, and to seek the immovable heart. One should regard both sadness and malice as natural laws, and just gain the enlightenment of an unshakable heart.
  5. – To not stray from the path of loyalty and brotherly love, and to delve always deeper into the heart of Budo. In your heart, never leave the ways of loyalty and filial piety, and aspire greatly for the ways of the pen and the sword.

Observing the 5 rules above is the law of the Dōjō.

Written on an auspicious day of March in Meiji 23

Transmitted the first day of spring in Showa 33

Toda Shinryuken Masamitsu

Takamatsu Toshitsugu Uou

Hatsumi Masaaki Byakuryu ho